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Safe and efficient working starts with DENKie!

DENKie is a brand of Het DENKhuis, a fun firm where brands take shape and everything revolves around sustainable communication. Trustworthiness and a reliable approach are the cornerstones of all of the brands at Het DENKhuis. Clear communication fosters trust which is a solid basis for relationships with employees, clients and third parties and leads to results over the long term.

A safe and more efficient working environment begins with transparent internal communication. Through DENKie, we focus fully on clear HR and HSE communication. Whether it is for safety tools or training courses, our communication is easy and tailored to each company. We do this using creative, non-verbal communication, inspiring workshops and fun campaigns that appeal to the whole organisation.


Strong values – our quality guarantee


We shine when we are fully trusted to get on with our work. The same is also true in the companies where we create trust through our clear communication.


Whether lending a hand to colleagues or efficiently guiding clients to point out a solution, people are there to help each other.


Every day is enriching and we always adopt a positive attitude. A good feeling is key.


We like to see people with a passion. We spark curiosity so that we are not only doing our job but we are also keeping the bigger picture in mind.

In total confidence for
results over the long term

We give you full peace of mind and
take care of everything.

All our work is tailor-made for
you, so no generic solutions.

We challenge ourselves each
day to get most creative ideas.

We guarantee to provide you with better communication, both internally and externally.

A team of experts

Good internal communication is the path to optimizing company culture and raising engagement. There are numerous benefits to this approach, such as proud employees, lower absenteeism levels, higher productivity and a more robust company culture. 

Our experts help you to get your message across creatively and simply, but above all in a way that is clear for everyone. We’re helpers, we’re darers and we’re doers. We’re also critical thinkers. We dive deep into the DNA of your company and translate your HR and HSE needs into handy tools.

More about the DENKhuis team

We call the Belgian coast our home

Get inspired

Slip & trip

Avoiding trips and falls? In this video, Gloria gives you some tips so you can get started safely!

Forklift rules

In this video, we give you no fewer than 10 tips on how to drive a forklift safely. Do you lift safely?

Culture and values

Discover the values and behaviours we consider essential in our team now. This way we create a happy, safe and sustainable working environment!

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