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Sustainable and tailored HR and HSE communication

DENKie is your partner for getting HR and HSE messages across to employees, contractors, visitors, temporary staff and anyone else. We bring your guidelines and action plans to life using attractive visuals, video clips, quizzes and much more. Your message will stick, as we make it recognisable and add a fun twist.

We combine a passion for people with an exhaustive knowledge of clear and sustainable communication. Want to know our secret sauce? We keep things simple and we add a hefty dose of creativity. Well informed employees are happy employees and they are your best ambassadors. This increases engagement, which also increases returns. It’s a win-win situation!

DENKie provides tools for...


DENKie’s smart visuals add extra punch to your internal communication. They make messages easy to understand and memorable for employees!


Animated videos make any theme easy to digest. After the training video, you can test people’s knowledge with a quiz or questionnaire.


Everything from giving people instructions while they sign in to flagging up potential hazards... Drivers and contractors will quickly know the ins and outs of the workflow in your company.

How can DENKie help you?

Discover how
DENKie works.

Our approach

DENKie videos

Do you think safety instructions are boring? Think again! DENKie’s videos present guidelines clearly and do not avoid any theme. 2D animations and mascots are excellent ways to show all manner of situations. By doing this, you make your message memorable for every single employee.

  • Timeless
  • Boosts accessibility
  • Inclusive and gender-neutral
  • GDPR proof
  • To the point
  • Quickly adaptable

DENKie platform

The DENKie platform is the ultimate all-in-one tool for informing, training/educating and registering employees, contractors and even third parties.

In addition to using various video message for informing people, the platform is perfect for training employees and for testing newly acquired knowledge. After they have seen the information in videos and animations, they take a questionnaire or quiz. The platform is useful for both employees and their managers. Which certificates have the team members already obtained? Which topics are they at ease with, and which ones are they less familiar with? The DENKie platform is a handy tool for seasoned employees but it’s equally good for onboarding new colleagues. It’s also a breeze to register drivers and contractors once they have watched a video on the training platform.

The platform is exceptionally easy to use. Managers keep an overview of the situation and generate useful data.


Whether we are dealing with standard safety rules or more difficult themes…DENKie’s HR and HSE campaigns do not avoid any topic. We clearly tackle topics such as:

    • Safety at work
    • Occupational hygiene
    • Company culture
    • Sustainability
    • Ergonomics
    • Health
    • Quality
    • Psychosocial well-being

Who is it for

DENKie’s tools inform, train and register employees, contractors and agency workers. They give managers a clear overview of the current situation.

What are the tools for?

The main purpose is the safety of employees on their way to work, while they work, and making sure they get home safely afterwards.

DENKie enables information to be circulated in ways that everyone understands.

Keeping things simple

We effortlessly translate your company’s needs into recognisable, attractive HR and HSE campaigns. We make tough messages easy. In this way, your message sticks and is easy to understand.

Our promise

We give you full peace of mind
and take care of everything.

All our work is tailor-made for you,
so no generic solutions.

We challenge ourselves each day
to get most creative ideas.

We guarantee to provide you with better
communication, both internally and externally.

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