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Latexco dream team working more safely

Our services

Branding and launch of HR and HSE campaigns
Announcement campaigns
Road book with nudges

The client’s request

Latexco, a large firm that manufactures mattresses and pillows, was looking for a way to raise the awareness of employees and encourage a safer working environment. They were also looking to optimise their culture and improve quality. Latexco supports dreams, DENKie supports Latexco! That’s clear enough, but how about some snappy internal communication? That’s completely up our street!

Our solution

For a large firm such as Latexco, a clear plan of action was the key to their success. The first phase of this plan was a plain-speaking workshop with various experts. This generated numerous ideas for the branding and HR and HSE campaigns. DENKie also developed some very slick tools, from professional visuals to posters and nudges. Safety first!

Work it with a workshop

During a workshop with the experts from DENKie, we explored the various aspects in an accessible way. We used mood boards to visualise our view of the internal communication. The findings from this workshop became the basis for the branding for Latexco’s prevention department.

Launch of the Latexco dream team

The Latexco dream team came into being. Latexco will be bringing its employees together under this umbrella from now on. To do this, we launched the company mascot Tex, a friendly wolf, who will now keep all Latexco employees awake and alert. Tex shares his tips for improving safety on the work floor in the HR and HSE campaigns.

Clear photography for a clear message

We worked with professional models for the photos. They helped us to clearly show potentially hazardous situations in the Latexco buildings. We took many photos which was ample material for posters, signs, internal visuals and a lot more.
Affiches fotografie Case Latexco

A new campaign each quarte

Latexco wanted to focus on a new safety theme each quarter. For instance, it ran the Slip & Trip campaign to reduce the number of falls. The firm kept track of the number of days without falls on a scoreboard in the production hall. After 70 days without incidents, the firm raffled off 5 wonderful Latexco mattresses to employees. We also gave extra attention to PPE one quarter: from protective clothing to ear plugs. Protection is key!

The final push for more safety

Using the mascot Tex, and some cool nudges, Latexco encouraged its employees to be more alert and to work safely. In addition to the scoreboard for the production hall, we also worked on a place mat that could be used to show the 7 hazards. Literally everyone got involved in the project for greater safety at Latexco, even the kids, with the colouring pictures.
Kleurplaat Case Latexco
Roadbook Case Latexco

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