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DENKie is a super easy information and training platform for employees in large corporations and organisations.

Want to know how DENKie can be used? There are so many applications!
  • Getting everyone safely to work and busy with their job, and making sure they get home safely afterwards to their family
  • Communicating about corporate culture and information from the board meeting to the work floor
  • Getting your talent up to speed quickly and promoting talent
  • Optimising compliance throughout the company

DENKie provides tools for…


DENKie’s smart visuals add extra punch to your internal communication. They make messages easy to understand and memorable for employees!


Animated videos make any theme easy to digest. After the training video, you can test people’s knowledge with a quiz or questionnaire.


Everything from giving people instructions while they sign in to flagging up potential hazards... Drivers and contractors will quickly know the ins and outs of the workflow in your company.

How can DENKie help you?

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Getting employees up to speed about optimal company culture

Over 200,000 employees are already working more safely thanks to DENKie

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