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Mooring safely for a safer port

Our services

Branding and launch of HR and HSE campaigns
Awareness campaigns

The client’s request

After the successful employer branding carried out by DENK!, Brabo also called on the services of DENKie. The aim was to increase safety within the port authority and encouraging employees to moor safely. All aboard for more safety at the Port of Antwerp!

Our solution

The anker points were immediately clear for DENKie. We launched a safety branding campaign with mascots Mario and Marit who were already well known. This led to all manner of exciting campaigns under the motto ‘More safety’.

Workshop wizards

We explored the various possibilities during a creative workshop with our experts in internal communication. We visualised the ways in which we could work towards greater safety at Brabo and the port authority.

More safety with Mario and Marit

The DENKie team developed complete branding for Brabo. The mascots Mario and Marit who are already well known lead Brabo employees by the hand through various safety topics. We carried out numerous HR and HSE campaigns under the banner ‘Safer’.
Uitgelichte afbeelding Case Brabo
Affiches fotografie Case Brabo

Putting the firm's employees in the spotlight

We also provided the photography for some great images in the various visuals. Brabo found several smart and extremely enthusiastic models among its employees who were only too pleased to help make the safety campaigns more familiar.

Informational campaigns

Brabo wanted to put a different safety campaign in the spotlight each quarter. For instance, the Slip & Trip campaign highlighted the hazards of falls using a variety of tools such as training videos, tests, and visuals. The importance of Kanaal 63, the reporting channel used at the port authority, was also given extra prominence. These are all anchor points for greater safety at Brabo!

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