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Everything lined up for greater safety at Campine

Our services

  • VIC branding and launch video
  • Animated videos for training platform
  • Video with Campine characters

The client’s request

Campine is a listed firm that leads the market in the recycling of raw materials such as metals and special chemicals, among other things. Campine continues to grow and the positive impact on people, the environment and employees is paramount. This firm based in north-eastern Belgium asked DENKie how it could continue to promote safety among its employees. Challenge accepted!

Our solution

DENKie developed for Campine various accessible campaigns to enthuse employees on an ad hoc basis. These featured the professional eye of the firm’s mascot, VIC. The focus of the campaigns was on safety themes such as personal protective equipment and fire regulations with the motto ‘safety at all times, everywhere’.

A good underlying chemistry, thanks to VIC

Wolves can teach us a lot of things. They learn from each other and work together, no matter what. They also care for each individual wolf and at the same time care for the entire pack, which is exactly what Campine wanted to achieve. The firm’s mascot is a wolf called VIC (which in Dutch stands for ‘Veiligheid In Campine’ or ‘Safety in Campine’), and this safety is incredibly important. We created a fantastic launch video in which VIC presents himself to the Campine employees and gives them some tips and tricks on safety.

Uitgelichte afbeelding Case Campine

PPE in their element

We also created attractive animated videos on important safety topics for Campine. For instance, we made a video on PPE (personal protective equipment). This video highlighted the difference between PPE in plastic and PPE for anyone who works with metals.

Fire-resistant handles

Another training video provided a refresher on the fire regulations. The firm’s mascot VIC was helped out in this animation by several Campine characters. Thanks to their inclusive nature, all employees were able to identify with one of the characters. In this way, DENKie builds an optimal safety format for Campine which is useful for all of its employees.
Animatie brandvoorschriften Case Campine

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