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DENKie is a super easy information and training platform for employees in large corporations and organisations.

Want to know how DENKie can be used? There are so many applications!
  • Getting everyone safely to work and busy with their job, and making sure they get home safely afterwards to their family
  • Communicating about corporate culture and information from the board meeting to the work floor
  • Getting your talent up to speed quickly and promoting talent
  • Optimising compliance throughout the company
  • Inspire, engage and train companies and their employees.

A safer working environment thanks to...

Animations and videos

Animations are appealing. We create videos that provide instructions, show potential hazards and teach employees to respond correctly every time.


Training videos about safety, questionnaires that check whether everything has been understood correctly, ... our training module helps you keep your knowledge up to date.


Create recognisability? Enter the company mascot! A mascot encourages people to view messages but also to remember them. Part of the team!

Creative visuals

Visuals give internal communication extra cachet. Employees receive clear guidelines that encourage them to work safely in a fun way.

How can DENKie help you?

Discover how
DENKie works.

Pleasant and safe DENKie working environments

Tasty campaigns for a cool work environment


Safety instructions flowing to the employees
Valuable safety communication

Over 200,000 employees are already working more safely thanks to DENKie

Laat je inspireren

Slip & trip

Struikelen en vallen vermijden? In deze video geeft Gloria je enkele tips zodat jij veilig aan de slag kan gaan!


In deze video geven we je maar liefst tien tips mee om veilig met de heftruck te rijden. Hef jij veilig mee?

Cultuur en waarden

Ontdek nu de waarden en gedragingen die we in ons team essentieel vinden. Zo creëren we een blije, veilige en duurzame werkomgeving!