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Our themes

Whether we are dealing with standard safety rules or more difficult themes…DENKie’s HR and HSE campaigns do not avoid any topic. We clearly tackle topics such as:


Communicating about occupational safety does not have to be boring or difficult. Striking visuals or simple animated videos prove it!


Introduce new employees quickly and easily within your company with an onboarding process. A nice welcome!


Don't give online criminals a chance by informing your employees about cybersecurity. DENKie can relieve you of this.

Access to site

Subcontractors, drivers and visitors are introduced to your company's workflow. This way they find their way safely within your organization.


Employees are informed about the use of professional digital tools within your company and after working hours.

Employment deal

Complete your company's training plan with online training courses on safety, well-being, sustainability, quality, ...

Psychosocial risk analysis

Have a psychosocial risk analysis carried out and then draw up an action plan.

How does DENKie work?

Discover how
DENKie works.

Who is it for

DENKie’s tools inform, train and register employees, contractors and agency workers. They give managers a clear overview of the current situation.

What are the tools for?

The main purpose is the safety of employees on their way to work, while they work, and making sure they get home safely afterwards.

DENKie enables information to be circulated in ways that everyone understands.

Keeping things simple

We effortlessly translate your company’s needs into recognisable, attractive HR and HSE campaigns. We make tough messages simple. In this way, your message sticks and is easy to understand.

Our promise

We give you full peace of mind
and take care of everything.

All our work is tailor-made for you,
so no generic solutions.

We challenge ourselves each day
to get the most creative ideas.

We guarantee to provide you with better
communication, both internally and externally.