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The client’s request

Beltaste, born of the family business Vanreusel Snacks, has been known for decades for its frozen snacks. In the production department, absolute priority is given to hygiene, quality and safety. Beltaste turned to DENKie to make the procedures known to their staff in a simple way.

Our solution

Visualising instructions in a bite-size format is what we are all about! DENKie got to work setting up fun campaigns for Beltaste. The first step was a workshop to identify the company’s needs. When it turned out that we could offer a variety of topics, our creative minds went to work.

Safety breeds safety

As a recognition factor, DENKie developed a label with a clear slogan and a subtle reference to the logo. We also brought to life a few mascots and characters to reinforce the slogan. Meet Belli-Jeanne, Bello-José, Belli-Rose! Three delightful – animated – snacks serving up tips and tricks for the personnel.

Betaste in prime focus

Our photographer visited the site to capture the Beltaste production department. Staff in hair nets, masks, safety shoes, hearing protection and more – everything caught on camera. With these photographs, we created an initial series of posters to announce the launch campaign. We also created an image bank in support of the safety and well-being campaign.

A recipe for safety

Thanks to the launch campaign, the employees at Beltaste are given a first look at the themes to be covered. From occupational safety to health, and from quality to sustainability. In a short animation video, the mascots provide tips and tricks to improve well-being at work. The DENKie media library plays a crucial role in displaying the videos on a single platform. Thanks to the posters and life-size boards with QR codes to the video in the media library, the campaign is clearly present throughout the company.

Quarterly campaigns that call for more

After a successful launch campaign, work could be done on the quarterly campaigns. The initial focus was on MOS, cuts and slips & trips. Accidents can happen in no time and come with painful costs. Nevertheless, it is possible to avoid the majority of cuts and falls. For Beltaste, we created visuals of several procedures to encourage safety in the workplace. A short, bite-sized animation video with a quiz to test knowledge. The bonus? The videos were all available in English for non-Dutch-speaking members of staff who are not yet proficient in Dutch.

Tasty nudges

Thanks to various nudges, the safety conduct of the employees was encouraged. One of DENKie’s designs was a spot-the-10-mistakes picture puzzle for Beltaste. The correct answers can of course be found in the safety campaign. The prize for submitting a picture puzzle? A fun and practical lunchbox. Tasty!

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