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Bite-size internal communication

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The client’s request

Dumaplast is a leader in coverings for internal and external walls, and floors. As a manufacturer and supplier they employee many people on their site. This means it’s not always straightforward to raise teams’ awareness about issues such as safe working practices and regulations. DENKie is now their partner for communication on safety and this is paying dividends.

Our solution

We worked together on a variety of themes. For instance, the prevention adviser was at his wits’ end about all of the accidents involving forklift trucks. New employees do not always clearly understand exactly what is expected of them on their first day at work. With our cool, bite-size communication, we help raise the awareness of employees about specific topics and encourage them to pay more attention.

Hi Tiley!

The firm’s mascot Tiley has since won a place in the team. The way he looks and his name are based on one of Dumaplast’s most popular products – tiles. Tiley appears in almost all of the firm’s communication. Recognizable and fun!
Mascotte Case Dumaplast
Affiche onthaal Case Dumaplast

Bite-size animated videos

The videos guide employees in an easy way and include, for instance, 10 tips for operating a forklift truck more safely, clear step-by-step plans for onboarding new employees and much more. Everything will become clear in no time at all!

Posters that get a response

Dumaplast has hung up posters on specific themes all around its buildings. These visuals make employees aware of the new topic and a QR code takes them straight to the animated video.
Affiche veiligheid Case Dumaplast

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