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Safety on TRACK at Gassco

Our services

Branding & launch of HR and HSE campaigns
DENKie videos about safety

The client’s request

The Norwegian firm Gassco distributes gas throughout Europe. Their plant in Zeebrugge called on our experts for help with keeping their internal safety on track. DENKie gladly rose to the challenge and ‘stepped on the gas’!

Our solution

During a workshop, we got to grips with Gassco’s DNA. It immediately became clear which direction we should take the HR and HSE campaign. The campaign includes catchy branding with accompanying DENKie videos that encourage safety and sustainable working practices.

Let’s talk about safety during a workshop

It emerged during the workshop that Gassco has a deep-seated safety culture. Together with Gassco, we created the concept and the overarching message that the campaigns will convey. One of the results of the workshop is an extra pair of hands and eyes in the workplace. A freelance prevention adviser, who incidentally is also one of DENKie’s partners, visits the plant once a week and supports the prevention service at Gassco Zeebrugge.

Gazzy is all for safety

We supported Gassco with all aspects of the branding for their HR and HSE campaigns. The company mascot Gazzy, who is decked out in Gassco’s company colours, guides staff through all potential safety and well-being themes in the workplace. Gassco launched its internal campaign using catchy images and a DENKie video. 

Gas safety is their life TRACK

TRACK is an acronym for how Gassco employees deal with safety – Transparent, Respectful, Accountable, Challenging & Knowledgeable. DENKie videos smoothly convey Gassco’s instructions and help to safely organise the transport of gas. The guidance and tips make ‘slips and trips’ information and procedures about working at heights crystal clear.

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