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Joris Ide

Strong-as-steel safety communication

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Video for transporters
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The client’s request

As a strong international player in the steel industry, Joris Ide has a presence in more than 15 countries. Numerous transporters drive onto sites to load and unload their trucks. This requires clear instructions and safety regulations in multiple languages to ensure the process runs correctly. Joris Ide enlisted the services of DENKie to creatively but clearly portray safety regulations.

Our solution

Thanks to the creation of 2D animated videos, DENKie has a steel-strong concept that suits the needs of Joris Ide. Transporters watch the video and find out the instructions for correctly loading and unloading their truck. To reflect the international nature of the company, we make the videos in different languages.

A safe loading process

Transporters who have registered at Joris Ide’s counter are shown a DENKie video clarifying the safety rules and the loading process. After going through the video and quiz, they are given access to the site. DENKie has summarised the instructions in a clear way, supported by animations that make them bite-sized.

Unloading - the right way

Not only the loading of a truck is portrayed, but also the unloading of coils. The goal of DENKie remains the same: to deliver clear instructions in a pleasant way without losing sight of the message.

Welcome, bienvenue, benvenuto

Joris Ide welcomes transporters and partners from various countries. Showing the instructional videos only in Dutch could cause ambiguity for non-native speakers. Just what we want to avoid. So DENKie has provided translations into French, Italian, English, Turkish, Hungarian and Croatian, among other languages. An international approach for an international company!

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