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Maenhout & Moonwood

Culture optimisation and Maenhout are the perfect match

Our services

Branding & launch of HR and HSE campaigns

The client’s request

Maenhout and Moonwood are two companies based in Bruges and are true experts in the fields of company hygiene and scent marketing. Philippe Maenhout, manager of both companies, called on us with a question that was as simple as it was complex, namely, what was the best way to optimise the company’s culture and internal safety? Fortunately, DENKie has all of the necessary expertise in house to give their HR and HSE a boost.

Our solution

We began with a workshop on safety culture and sustainability. We used fun branding and a launch video with a quiz to fire up the employees’ enthusiasm. In the future, this will be followed by other DENKie videos on current topics for Maenhout and Moonwood.

Workshop on scents and colours

During the workshop, we succinctly and boldly reformulated the company’s core values: Maenhout stands for trust, helpfulness, happiness and curiosity. Many other ideas also emerged about topics and we decided to choose ‘helpfulness’ as the first year’s theme.

Optimising company culture with Mats and friends

Company mascot Mats appeared in the launch video along with his friends. Of course, these cheeky chappies also bear a likeness to Philippe, the manager. By adding this touch of humour, the DENKie video immediately grabs people’s attention while still dealing with important themes such as safety at work, psychosocial well-being, ergonomics and occupational hygiene. 

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