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Safety instructions flowing to the employees

Our services

Animation videos

The client’s request

NTP is a contractor operating in roads, soil, water, energy and consulting. They prioritise safety and work hard to make continuous improvements in this area. For this purpose, NTP saw DENKie as a partner to improve safety. The demand for clear instructional videos and the training platform was evident.

Our solution

Following an HR and HSE-communication workshop, the team at DENKie buried their heads in their computer screens to develop the branding. The DENKie training platform was also set up and various animation videos were created to promote safety at NTP.

NTP's heroes

For NTP’s campaigns, DENKie devised a to-the-point label that serves as a common thread in all the visuals: Safety at Work. NTP’s heroes, Peet and Puck, guide the employees smoothly through health, safety and sustainable working conditions. Along with the other characters, they create a strong team to communicate the message clearly.

Safety to the core

Thanks to the launch campaign, NTP’s employees have already been introduced to the five topics to be covered in the campaigns: occupational safety, sustainability, business culture, quality and vitality. The animation video relating to the construction-site regulations, codes of conduct and PPE is a fine example of NTP’s safety approach.

On the way to a safe workplace

On a safety walk, the project manager visits a specific project. A conversation opens about work safety and the safety culture. This is a useful concept that also requires a little context. For that reason, DENKie created a short animation video about safety walks at NTP. The benefits of these flow through to the employees! The DENKie platform includes an evaluation module that works perfectly to support safety walks, report the data from safety walks and convert them into concrete action.

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