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Crystal-clear communication

Our services

Animated video
Mascot and figures

The client’s request

Aluminium windows and doors, complex façade structures, and solar panels. Vorsselmans is a leading family business that stands for quality and service. To increase safety, order, and tidiness within the company, they came to DENKie.

Our solution

Crystal-clear communication through attractive posters and cool animation videos. DENKie brings Vorsselmans’ question to the workplace in a fun way. Thanks to these communication campaigns, employees are aware of safety, order and tidiness, quality and sustainability within the company.

Stan is the man

Vorsselmans was founded in 1972 by Stan Vorsselmans. So there’s no one better to introduce as the company’s mascot. DENKie created a sketched version of Stan that is reflected in communications regarding safety and tidiness. Sporting his fluorescent vest, he is ready to improve well-being at work.

We do it safely, always!

At Vorsselmans, they put the safety of their employees first, and so DENKie created a poster depicting this statement. The QR code on the poster links directly to the well-being campaign. Those who scan the code see a DENKie video in which Stan gives an example on the four themes: safety, order and tidiness, quality and sustainability and the environment.

Everything in its place

A tidy workplace is not only pleasant and safer, but also exudes professionalism. Order and tidiness in the office, at the punch clock and in production. That is what Vorsselmans strives for! DENKie created several posters with tips and tricks to keep the areas orderly and tidy. The illustrations already speak for themselves, but the text makes the message extra clear.

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