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Weber Belgium

Work safely at Weber

Our services

Branding and launch of HR and HSE campaigns
DENKie platform
Work instruction videos
Produced in four languages

The client’s request

Weber is a specialist in engineering and construction and supplies piping to factories, construction sites and numerous other locations. The Belgian branch of Weber asked DENKie to create HR and HSE campaigns. The aim of the campaigns was to encourage safer and more efficient working practices. DENKie was pleased to take the lead to improve safety at Weber.

Our solution

Attractive HR and HSE campaigns in a fun style of branding which appeal to Weber’s staff. Weber introduces numerous themes on the DENKie platform using videos with work instructions. These are shown in four languages since not all staff and subcontractors at Weber speak Dutch. Want more safety and enhanced well-being on the work floor? Let’s go!

Take-off of HR and HSE campaigns

The DENKie video and the complete branding are fully in tune with Weber. Attentive viewers will certainly notice the piping in the background. In the video, mascot Weby the weasel introduces himself and his mission – to increase well-being in the workplace. Weby and his colleagues give advice on things such as corporate culture, safety, quality, and sustainability. 

Versatile DENKie platform

The DENKie training platform offers a wealth of information to Weber’s staff. After they log in, they have access to a large number of instructional videos. The platform also provides added value for the prevention advisor as it enables monitoring of who has successfully completed which training programme. It’s useful to present this kind of info during an audit! 

From ABC to MOS

Weber informs its staff about work instructions through fun DENKie videos, which deal with everything about safe working in Weber from filling in the ABC card (New Employee Checklist) to an MOS form (for reporting unsafe situations) and much more. It captivates viewers and brings them up to date immediately.

Safety in four languages

Weber has also given a lot of attention to staff and contractors who do not speak Dutch. For important themes such as safety, Weber is also pleased to take a proactive approach. DENKie translated the safety guidelines not only into smart visuals, but also into four languages: Dutch, English, Croatian and Portuguese.

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