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Safely building tomorrow

Our services

Branding for safety campaigns
Branding of Altez Academy
Development of training platform
Animation for training modules
Animated video

The client’s request

Altez Construction Group is an all-round construction partner for agricultural, equestrian and industrial projects and every day it is building tomorrow’s industrial premises. Naturally, it is also building on the future of its employees and safety takes precedence! Altez brought in DENKie to raise the enthusiasm of its employees, optimise e-learning and to make safety on the job a trending topic.

Our solution

Altez aims for added value, quality and originality in every project. Want to know DENKie’s secret sauce for sparking the Altez team’s enthusiasm? Fun! We translated the fun factor into a training platform that can be easily accessed by everyone. We even thought about how to add the necessary zest.

Tezzy is steady as a rock

We elaborated comprehensive branding for a safety campaign and also for the ‘Altez Academy’ internal learning platform. The cool logo and light-hearted mascots are almost enough to make the employees forget that these are serious training materials! Mascot Tezzy, a beaver who likes nothing more than building, guides the employees alongside his alter egos Tessa and Alex.

Uitgelichte afbeelding Case Altez
DENKie platform Case Altez

Education is key & fun

The online education platform that provides new e-learning material each week is now known within the firm as the Altez Academy. The lesson content is animated and personalised, both for the sales department and for technical employees. There are more than 40 modules available and Altez continues to develop new ones every day!

Next level learning modules

The prevention advisor at Altez creates the content for the learning modules on the Altez Academy and DENKie pumps up the look & feel of these digital lessons. We developed all of the Altez’s digital tools, ranging from an animated intro and outro to trendy icons.

Leermodules Case Altez
Animatie buy in Case Altez

Animated group plays a starring role

CEO Eric, HR Consultant Astrid and Prevention Advisor Johan. Not only are they important figures at Altez, but they also play a key role in the Altez Academy. That’s why we created cool animated characters for them. Recognizability is a powerful aid in the animated video on the training platform!

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